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Splash of the Caribbean is a Triple Bottom Line business with concern for the impact on people, profit and the planet. We are committed to managing our business and measuring our success in a way that balances these three facets. We buy our products direct from the artist and producer and are helping in a positive way to alleviate poverty in the poorest parts of the Caribbean: the Dominican Republic and Haiti among other countries.

Splash of the Caribbean and the Splash of the Caribbean Art line support four small extra curricular schools in poor neighborhoods outside of the Capital, Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. Splash of the Caribbean has been providing the four schools with monetary and material donations since 2004. The school workshops began in Guayacanes, Dominican Republic 5 years ago. The schools are located in Tanquesitos de Boca Chica, Soco de San Pedro de Macoris and in Haina. The school workshop in Soco de San Pedro de Macoris is located on a sugar cane Batey with a large population of Haitian immigrants.

The school workshop in Soco de San Pedro de Macoris is located on a sugar cane Batey with a large population of Haitian immigrants. The objectives of the workshops are to help and provide disadvantaged youth with professional orientation , history, theatre and art classes. Many of the children come from homes with fathers working in construction or motorcycle taxi's and mother's working in prostitution or in nearby hotels. Their activities allow them to fight against prostitution which is a major labor force of these barrios. Showing children there are other ways to earn a living.

The workshops are open to adolescents and children ages 5 to 14 at no cost for those that don't have the economic resources to study. Classes are offered daily in history, theatre classes are held twice a week and painting is given once a week. The professors help the students develop their individual talents in craft, drawing, painting, theatre, and Dominican history. French classes are offered along with professional language used in the hotel and tourism industry.

We would like to thank
Adrian Cutting, Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation and Deborah Curry
for their generous donations to the Dominican schools.

Splash of the Caribbean is delighted to accept donations for any of the four schools, just contact us!
Photography by Alyssa Johnson.


Vacation Packages for Charity Benefit Fundraisers

Splash of the Caribbean is now helping more non profit organizations in the Pacific Northwest raise funds through the supply of Central American and Caribbean Vacation Packages for auctions at fundraising events. If you are involved with a non profit fundraiser that works with communities or the environment, contact us to find out what packages we have available for your fundraising event. Art pieces can also be made available for silent auctions.





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